It is the policy of Waldorf University to ensure a safe and stable educational, living and work environment by:

  • providing appropriate response in situations of need
  • educating students, faculty and staff on issues related to safety and security
  • ensuring students, faculty and staff understand their personal responsibilities
  • communicating relevant information in a timely manner to the appropriate constituencies
  • proactively addressing issues and concerns
  • balancing the need to provide adequate protection against procedures and/or actions that pose unnecessary or unreasonable restrictions

Waldorf encourages active partnerships between campus security and local/area law enforcement agencies to help ensure timely and appropriate responses to situations as needed.

Waldorf depends on students, faculty and staff to follow procedures and to take suggested precautions to lessen the likelihood of becoming a victim. Waldorf seeks to be proactive in security and safety issues, but even the best efforts can’t guarantee the prevention of all accidents, consequences of criminal/terrorist actions or natural disasters.

Waldorf University uses Fast Command to keep members of the Waldorf community informed during emergencies. View Waldorf's Fast Command page.

Campus Security

At Waldorf University, the safety, health and wellbeing of our students, employees and visitors is a priority. A safe campus can only be maintained through the cooperation of all of us working together. 

Each year, an email is sent to all enrolled students and employees that provides the website link to our annual security report. This comprehensive report highlights campus safety recommendations, campus crime statistics, sexual assault/harassment and substance abuse related information and information about fire procedures which is a part of our effort to ensure our campus is informed. In addition, there is information about other emergency crisis situations and response processes. 

The administrative area responsible for security on the Waldorf campus is the Office of Student Life located on the main floor of the Campus Center. The Campus Security Office works closely with Facility Services, Residence Life and the Forest City Police Department on managing safety throughout campus.

Campus Security 24-Hour Phone: 641-585-8500

Waldorf University is committed to a campus security program that aims to prevent and reduce crime. Close attention is paid to campus lighting and building security.

Waldorf Security provides regular campus surveillance, rounds and drive arounds through our parking lots and buildings every night and on weekends. The security team checks for unlocked or propped open doors, escorts students between buildings, locks doors and responds to calls. Officers perform rounds of campus during evening and early morning hours. 

During non-office hours, holidays and breaks, our on-call security officer may be reached at the 24-hour phone number. All of our residence halls have a 24-hour door card access system. Only students who reside in a particular facility can enter the building. The level of safety and security that students experience on our campus continues to be a strength of the University. Recent additions of security cameras have led to a reduction of campus thefts.

Based on the exit interviews with departing and graduating students, Waldorf scored a 4.6 on a 5 point scale when students were asked about their feeling of safety and security on campus. Security and safety on campus continue to be reasons students come and stay at Waldorf and live in Forest City, Iowa. The University encourages victims of a crime or concerned students to report serious crimes or suspicious behavior to both the Forest City Police Department (641-585-2113) and Campus Security (641-585-8160). If called upon, the Forest City Police Department will respond to campus within 2-4 minutes. The Campus Security Office is located on the main floor of the Campus Center, #102 and is open Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m..